Fans of Fame


Greetings to all my relations, I hope you will enjoy this site. Fans, Artists, or those that just like seeing artwork; I hope you find this site educational and exciting.

This website is created for people that want to learn about the artist, the product he sells, and about the purpose of why feather fans are put together, from the Native American Indian's perspective. I ask that you respect the people that own these fans, and also to have pride in having those people willing to share their stories with you on the World Wide Web. We hold these feather fans very sacred in our ceremonies.

Will gladly accepted order with these kinds of feathers. Feathers from macaws, parrots, pheasants, turkeys, Impeyans, and cockatoos are all legal to have by First Nations and Non Natives  alike. Any kind of birds that you can have as pets can be own by those who are not Native American Indians. Many different kinds of people are interested in owning these fans. You can own these kinds of feathers and/or fans made out of these feathers. These are all legal to carry and sold over the market everyday. Go to this website to find, and learn about feathers .

These fans are used in the Native American Church Ceremonies (Peyote Ceremonies), in Gourd Dances, in Pow-wows dances, in devotions, and among many different tribal dances. The eagle signifies the power associated with the spirits. We use these for our protection in our endeavors, our journey through life, in our dances, and in our ceremonies. These fans are used as intermediaries between the spirit people and us, the human race. We believe these fans have healing powers, so we use them to bless people with. When a person dances with these fan, they think positive thoughts for those relatives that need help, and also to honor themselves and all relations. When a person sings with these fans, many positive thoughts are put into these fans to help people. So, these fans are used for many purposes; it is used for the purpose of protection, for the purpose of healing, for the purpose of accomplishment, and to carrying on our Native Ways. This is our belief, this is our culture, this is our values, this is our tradition, and this is our lifestyle! This is why, I ask that people have respect for those people that have shared this beautiful art with all of us!

They are the feathers that carry my prayers
They are the staff that keeps me standing straight and tall
They are the rhythm in the rattle that gives me pace
They are the beat in the drum that keeps my heart going
They are the medicine that keeps me sane
They are my life.
— Lynn Allen