Fans of Fame



FEATHERS: FOR NATIVES Feathers used include: macaws and parrots, eagles, hawks, magpies etc.

FEATHERS: FOR NON-NATIVES For non-natives feathers used include: impeyans, imitation eagles/hawks, macaws, parrots, turkeys, goose + legal feathers

FEATHER WORK: Made of goose feathers, chicken hackle, pheasant feathers, macaw body feathers, and many more. After the feather work is finished is sealed to keep from getting damaged. 

THREAD WORK: Flat and stacked threads are used for thread work.

LEATHER WORK: White commercial, suede leather is most common. Other hides used are smoked and brain tanned hides. 

HOLDER: the whole fan together. 

BEADWORK: For the finest quality size 14 seed or cut beads are used. The finish should be very smooth. 2 types of stitches are used, gourd stitch and peyote stitch. Patrick most commonly uses the gourde stitch, he is one of the originators of this style. 

FRINGE: 2 Styles, twisted and straight cut