Fans of Fame


What makes Patrick's Fan work different from the rest? First of all, each fan is individualized, that is, made for very unique individuals. Patrick begins by getting to know his clients individually, and for what purpose the fans or rattles are used. How will his creations be used? Will they become part of a private collection? Perhaps they are intended to be heirloom pieces. The answers to all these probing questions marks the beginning of Patrick's unique artistic process.
Patrick will then meditate over all the client information to get a clear picture of the colors and design he will use. Tobacco is often used in Patrick's Native culture to establish relationships with others, as well as being used as offerings during prayer.
The design can take anywhere from a single week to a few months to create. Patrick's creative process evolves during the course of everyday life – running, daily chores, as well as during ceremonies and while participating in sweats. Patrick will only begin work on his creations when he feels he has the design firmly in mind.
The feather work is by far the most time-consuming part of the process. Many hours are spent on the details. It is Patrick's intricate details that take up most of the time in the process, and also what sets his creations head and shoulders above the rest. Upon completion of a fan, the feather work is sealed, thereby preserving his work for years to come and insuring his clients receive top quality craftsmanship.
Patrick's beadwork is created with the unique gourd stitch. This beading technique was created by Patrick and his brother Bennie. The gourd stitch is the result of Patrick's relentless pursuit of perfection, trial and error, and his artistic talent. The gourd stitch is only just beginning to be a style known and copied by other beadwork artists. Unfortunately, there are more and more people who continue to attempt to copy Patrick's unique style and intricate designs.
Patrick uses two sizes of beads in his work. Patrick uses size 13 cut seed beads for his traditional peyote stitch creations, and size 14 seed beads are used for Patrick's unique gourd stitch.
Patrick only uses top quality white suede leather for his work. He will also use brain-tanned and smoked hides as well. Patrick requires only the best hides and leather for his fans.
Patrick takes as much time and care in his selection of the feathers as is required to satisfy his exacting standards, even if it takes him weeks and months to complete. Only top quality feathers, selected carefully by Patrick, are used. Patrick will often scrap feathers when he feels they are not acceptable, and will begin searching once more for precise top-quality feathers.
It is this unrelenting attention to detail, quality, his unique use of color and design and his superior craftsmanship that sets Patrick's art in a class all its own. This commitment to quality, regardless of the time involved, is one of Patrick's trademarks, and what assures that his clients receive only the most unique, museum-quality pieces to be found anywhere.